Venison Burger, Beets and a Salad

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I made a tasty burger from the deer that I shot last year:

Ground Venison

Chopped Basil and Oregano (fresh)

Cayenne Pepper


Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Mix and form your burgers.

Green Bell Pepper


Cook until rare (in butter of course) and prepare slices of Green Pepper and Shallots and leave uncooked for a nice crunch.  Please, no Ketchup… just Horseradish Mustard.   Fresh, spicy, and and the mustard adds a cool bite to it.  Holy shnort.

Beat Salad:

Heat up a pan of Olive Oil

Beet Wedges

Sliced Shallots

2 or 3 sprigs of Rosemary

Salt and Pepper


Cook until the shallots have caramelized and the beets are still firm.  When you plate this up leave out the Rosemary, and add the Capers.  This shit is fucking gooooooood.

And then I made a salad of:


Snap Peas


All from the garden.

Accompany it with a Leinenkugel’s of course and you’re all set.  Don’t forget your brownie and an espresso for dessert.


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