Water on the Road

October 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the advantages of travelling all around the states is getting to see different bodies of lakes, rivers and streams.  There are stretches of highway where trout streams meander alongside, and others swiftly pass by.  Either way, it leaves me day dreaming, and usually a bit sad that I cannot get out onto the stream, even just to touch the water… Sean and I started this thing where we air false cast whenever a stream crosses our path.  Mostly for entertainment, but deep down inside the movement of casting makes it okay and fulfills a small portion of my imagination of catching a fish.



And on a side note, here is a picture of my brother with a nice sized musky he caught on the Apple River!  Way to go!



Great End to a Great Year

October 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

In between the end of a month long run on the road and the start of another, conveniently placed during the last few days of trout season and my brothers week long vacation, this special part of Wisconsin beckoned once more.  And of course Duke Welter joined in.

The day started off overcast and cool with a slight breeze – perfect for us and enough to keep out your average fair weather fisherman.  Our first stop was at Little LaCrosse Creek on a newly restored stretch of stream and not much wider than the width of a car.  Wind picked up and the overcast went away and it was decided that a PhD was needed to cast in these conditions.  Precisely what Duke, Andrew and I all have.  Not that I want to lump myself or my brother into the category of Duke Welter’s casting ability – he is in a league of his own but not with that picturesque way out west style casting…

Here you can see Andrew and I in our low class non-orvis fishingwear.

We headed to a stream on a stretch I’d never been before on the Bad-Axe.  I hooked into this beautiful 16″ brown, one of many of this size we caught in this stretch.  When he slammed my hopper I yelped and hollered and I knew we were in for a good day.

The strong winds of the day made for some good hopper fishing.

Andrew tore his waders open so decided to call it a day, while Duke made one more attempt.  I told him we were thinking about heading out, and promptly responded “stay here and watch me catch this fish and take a picture of it.”  That’s not the first time he’s done that either.  Low and behold……..

Duke suggested we get some delicious pizza from the Driftless Cafe – cracker thin crust and sweet red sauce.  We arrived and a couple was playing some Old Time.  I listened and enjoyed the looks of the beautiful girls of Viroqua.



Andrew and I camped streamside at Esofea park, drank whisky and played cribbage. In the morning wemade egg scramble and coffee and went back to fish the rest of the stretch we were on the day before.  It was strangely reminiscent of the Rush, 2 cars here, 3 cars there, a few more over there…  Why today and not yesterday???

We decided that it wouldn’t have been as good as the day before anyhow, fished another creek on our way out and headed home.


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