Rainy Day

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I headed out yesterday just as the big storm was hitting Eau Claire.  Fishing before a storm has always been my favorite time to fish because of the energy in the air.  The fish, of course, know it’s coming too and they are eager to eat.  My brother and I, when we were younger, always made sure to get out on the lake that our grandparents lived on and slay the bass.  These days, though, it’s rare that I get out at the perfect time just before a big storm hits.

The nice thing about trout is that they are opportunistic feeders.  Rain or shine, if you throw the right thing they will go after it.  I started off with a red and green woolly bugger, but that didn’t seem right.  And by the time I switched to a brown and black woolly bugger, the rain was at a torrential downpour.  The fish were biting well, but an empty stomach and a nasty leak in the right boot of my waders was shortening my patience. I called it a day…



Sean converts another fly fisherman!

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The week before I left town I had the chance to take Colin out for his first outing with his new rig.  He’s a pretty natural caster, he sure as hell is better than me when I started.  It’s nice to look back to when we started fly fishing and think of how awkward it can be.  With spin fishing you have maybe 3 or 4 things to think about; in fly fishing there’s about 12, if not more.  We hit up Elk and Duncan Creek, with very minimal luck.  It was hot last week and we were just getting out a bit too late in the morning I think.  Now, Dubs (Colin) has got his own set up and he can go find his own secret spots, practice casting in the park, tying his own flies maybe – let the obsession begin.

I also had the opportunity to do a little fishing on the Namekagon.  My gosh, was it beautiful.  I had to pinch myself to remind me that I was still in Wisconsin. There were tons of flies out too… unfortunately various kinds of chubs and large minnows were really into my caddis presentation.  Oh well.  I caught a couple small browns, but I didn’t get the big ones lurking in those deep runs. Next time.

Tight lines,

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Here’s a beautiful stretch of Elk.  Though not such a beautiful posture.

Driftless Angler

May 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

If you are a trout fisherman in Wisconsin, trout fishing in the Driftless Area is probably no secret.  Yes, there are some stretches that people give an alias to, for those only with insiders knowledge to fish.  On the other hand, if you close your eyes, place a finger on the map, you’d still have an outstanding day of fishing.  One could also fish everyday for the rest of your life and never fish the same stream or stretch twice.

I met up with Sean at 5:45 and we headed down to the Mayfly Lodge to meet up with Duke Welter and Co. for breakfast: coffee, eggs, toast and venison bacon.  Oh yeah, pie and donuts too.  With most of the gang being experts in conversation, Sean and I started getting a bit antsy to get out fishing.  Eventually we did and headed to a ‘hidden gem.’  Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a gem, but definitely no secret as there were 3 or 4 anglers at each crossing.  Frustrated, Sean and I took off.

Here is a beautiful brown that put up a big fight on my 6x tippet.  Almost lost it when he made a quick dash for that log just above my shoulder.

Here is a picture that showcases the beautiful art of the fly cast.  Get down to the Driftless!


Woolly Bugger

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Opening weekend for me was spent working my first day at Sandstone Ridge Vineyards on Saturday and brewing beer over at Twin Lakes Brewing Co. on Sunday.  Some people get bent out of shape about missing that weekend, but since I never really stop fishing (except when the ice is unfit for conditions) it wasn’t a big disappointment.

My brother also happens to be one of Wisconsin’s finest fly tiers.  So while the new batch of Ale was boiling he tied up a few Woolly Buggers for me.


Fry Pan Opener!

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