Last Day of the Early Season

April 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

As of late, the cold nights was making it tough to catch non active fish throughout April.  But on this last day, Sean and I headed out on a cloudy cool afternoon.  Judging by the cloud cover and the water clarity, the woolly bugger was a clear choice.  However,  a few caddis were skidding across the water, but the trout were not rising them.  Destined to figure out what they were rising to, we spent a good chunk of time and about 20 flies later, cast after cast, to no avail.  I went back to the trusty pink squirrel because I know how well it coaxes them to strike.  And, I wanted to catch some brookies.

Sean went back to a reddish-brown woolly bugger.  Arriving at a deep pool, I still wasn’t getting deep enough with my squirrel and Sean made the proper adjustments.  I cast my line out to the edge of the deep, and a nice fish slammed my fly, but I missed it!  Sean and I looked at each other and the obligitory, ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhfghfgfg’ came out of our mouths.  Sean casted out and something big slammed his bugger.  Big.  I thought it was original a sucker or even a northern because it did not leave the bottom and it had some sizable head shakes.  Low and behold:

What a fatty!

In between getting caught on snags of branches in the water it ended up being a good day.

Happy fishing everyone,



Fishing Update from Sean Carey

April 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sean went out with his younger brother, Colin.

Colin with a nice brookie from a Chippewa County crik [sic].  We had a nice day under sprinkles of rain and caught some brookies. Colin did some casting on the fly rod, which is ultra-different from his ultra-ultralight spinning rig.  We caught up and had a good day.

After zero action for over an hour I finally found a hole on a creek southwest of town and landed this beautiful Brown trout.  I was pumped.  It was a beautiful spring evening.  Man, the weather at the end of March was insane.

This photo captures budding trees and sun, that’s the spring weather I saw most.  I missed most of the crap while I was out of town.  Lucky for sure.

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