Sean’s First Bird

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

The grouse strips, breaded then pan fried,  were only the icing on the cake.  The thrill of getting my first grouse was unreal.  In fact, I hardly believed that it actually happened.  Talk about happening so fast, you barely remember.  We were out near the Eau Claire river east of Fall Creek.  We had been walking for quite a while with no birds in sight, in ear, or anywhere.  My dad and brother were along just to walk behind us and observe.  They were enjoying the hike on a nice piece of land.  We were pretty discouraged, couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t seen any birds.  So we went to this spot that usually produces something.  As we walked along, Ben spotted a grouse that flew down from a tree.  He rapidly walked towards them to try to get them to flush and four flew up.  He took a shot, but they were pretty far off.  We tried to track two of them down, but couldn’t find them.  Then we turned around and tried to head off the one Ben shot at.  My bird took off from a tree to the left of me.  Boom, ben shot. Boom, I shot.  Bird down.  Ben yelled “yeah seany!”

It was exciting.



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