Pink Squirrel

December 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

 I do not like the scud hook with this pattern.  Just a regular ol’ hook’ll do just fine.
Hook: Scud hook although pretty much any nymph hook works just fine.
Thread: Pink 70 denier Uni-thread
Bead: 1/8″ gold bead
Tail: 2 – 3 strands of pearl Krystal Flash
Rib: Red copper wire
Body: Fox squirrel fur with amber antron blended together
Collar: Pink chenille or yarn
Notes: From Warren – Tying this fly is essentially like tying a bead head hares ear, except the tail is a couple strands of Krystal Chenille, and your last step is to tie on the “collar” of pink chenille.

  1. Pinch down the barb on the hook, put on the bead, and put it in your tying vise
  2. Start the thread, and tie in the KF tail, making it about the same length as the hook shank. You can always trim it off later if it looks too long.
  3. Tie in the rib
  4. Dub on a body of Fox squirrel/antron, leaving it pretty “spikey” looking. Leave the front 1/3″ of the hook open for the collar.
  5. Sprial wrap the rib over the dubbed body. Try not to trap down the “spikes”. These will move in the water like legs when you’re fishing the fly.
  6. Tie in and wrap the chenille or yarn. 1 to 1 1/2 wraps is sufficient.
  7. Tie off the chenille and then tie off a neat head.

Contributed by: Warren Frank



December 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Not too much to say on grouse hunting this year.  I’ve gone out a few times so far, and now’s the time to be hitting it hard – which is what I plan on doing this week.  Sean and I went out the other day and we had six flushes.  No bird in hand to speak of, but Sean found a couple of nice things in the woods.  A nice little buck skull (never ever have I come across one in the woods, lucky him!)  He has been getting into hunting lately, and here is his first European Mount!

I have been gone for a good bit of the fall, unfortunately for Max… sorry little guy.  His nose and patience for pheasants seems to be top notch, but not so much for when it comes to being in grouse territory.  For the first half of our hunt he ran around like a dumb idiot, any which direction about as fast as he could.  Sometimes you just have to boot a dog’s ass and they get the picture.  After that (I didn’t beat him or anything, jeez, Sean can vouch for me!), he realized that we were hunting, stayed close, and kept his range in check.  I had a perfect flush at one point, but my thumb got locked up on the hammer…dumb dumb dumb mistake.  Anyway, we went back out today with my brother and dad included and Max ended up doing pretty well as far as the way he worked.  Heading back out tomorrow morning!

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