September Trout!

September 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fishing on Elk Creek has never been disappointing… every stretch has great characteristics and challenges.  This stretch that Sean and I fished the other day is a favorite of ours, and it seems to take the different aspects of Elk Creek and roll it all into one.  It started off a bit slow on woolly buggers, so I switched to a pink squirrel with a bit of weight on it.  I wasn’t getting as many fish as I hoped, and soon realized that my problem was the weight on my line.  I took it off, and instantly I couldn’t catch them fast enough!  Sean followed suit.  The funny thing about each fish I caught that day was the indicator never went down.  I felt like I had some heightened awareness that day and I had the results to prove it!  My indicator didn’t move but a twitch when I hooked this fish.

I forgot my camera, but I had my phone to take a picture of this nice 14″ brown caught in the hole right above my shoulder.  What an exciting fight he was!  Although, if you are looking for some real strong browns, I suggest heading down to Black Earth Creek, where they’re big and sure know how to put up a fight.

We fished until we couldn’t stand the hunger any more, and proceeded on our hour long walk back.  Sean threw a woolly bugger in various holes and caught three nice fish – one being a Brookie just shy of 10 inches.  Yum.

We ate two trout with bacon and potatoes and a couple of Leinies.  What a good day………..



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