This Season So Far…

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since this is brand new, I’d like to put up what has happened so far.
It has been good fishing so far, and should continue to be good as far as I can tell.  I got to fish just a little in March.  I don’t remember much, except a TU convention the last weekend in March.  Good fishing was done – went out to Esofia to the Bad Axe.  Wow, new discovery of an area I have been meaning to check out of a while, the Driftless Area.  One 14″, a couple 12″s and a few more 10″ Brown Trout.  Saturday late afternoon Duke Welter and I snuck out to the West Fork of the Kickapoo.  With snow still on the ground and temperatures in the low 30s, fishing was tough, but the scenery wasn’t.  The water was a glacial blue.  (Picture is from JS Online)

After that, the music thing picked up and I went to LA, New York City, back to LA (to finish the new A.A. Bondy record), then on tour with S. Carey.  While on tour Zach the drummer, Sean and I had a day off that we spent in Cle Elum, WA.  We brought our fishing gear in the van so we could fish the Yakima River.  Unfortunate timing of snow melt meant that the river was a bit high.  A gorgeous river – clear with real nice underwater scenery.  I had enough confidence that I could catch at least one fish despite the river rushing, but we got busted.

My brother and I went to Duncan Creek, just south of highway 64, on Friday, June 3rd and had a heck of a day.  A good strong wind meant that there were all kinds of things floating in the air and we could get just a tad closer to the fish.  Caddis and the AZ Peacock Lady (my secret weapon) were catching fish consistently.  A good day of about 30 fish between us that ended at the Albertville Tavern for some fish, fries, and Leinenkugels.



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