June 18th and 19th

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June 18th my Uncle Tim and I took out my Uncle Dan to Elk Creek, just north of 29.  What a great spot for kids, beginners, and people with learning disabilities such as Dan.  Since TU did a real nice restoration on this particular stretch, and since it’s so easy to get to, I feel like most fly fishermen have shunned it – deeming it too easy to fish… Well, I imagine that the trout are having a hay day down in those deep lunker structures.  Wow, there are nice fish in there!  Yep, it’s easy to fish, and perfect if you have even just an hour to get out.

I caught the two browns, and Dan caught the brook.  I had never realized the difference in flesh color of stocked fish.  One brown was bright pink (like it should be, I guess, right?) and the other was pure white…  For some reason I always just thought browns were always a little more pale in color, but the one had the pinkest flesh I had ever seen.  Now I know.

The next morning Tim and I met at 5 am to try and beat the crowd on the Rush.  We arrived at a place I call the “Storm Spot” because every time I’ve been there rolling thunder like a freight train makes its way.  As soon as we started getting our gear together, surely enough a truck arrived and started hurrying to get his pole rigged up to beat us to the stream – seriously?  Some of the most rude fishermen head to the Rush River – take note if you are reading this and are one of those people! 

The fish were rising like crazy, scarfing down their breakfast before the rain came.  A nice emerging caddis hatch.  We all know the fish here have a PhD in discriminating taste.  No matter the fly I put on, it wasn’t quite right.  Fish rose right beside mine, left and right, on a dead drift – completely ignoring my presentation.  First fish was an 11″ brown that I watched severely inspect my black caddis before sucking it under.  Shortly after I reached a pool of eager brookies jumping fully out of the water for their food.  I could only get one….  hmmm  Move on.  Cast after cast with no results.  Eventually I put on a black parachute adams and was relieved to know after one cast that this was the fly.  Miss.  Another cast and another missed strike.  About ten in a row and I missed all of them.  I came upon a slow flat area where some very large browns were rising and once again I was ignored.  One more cast – big brook jumped out of the water and I missed it!  I splashed the water in frustration and gave up.  What a day.

Tim and I walked back to the car to find 4 other cars, two fishing down, one guy on our tail and the other unknown…  I am just amazed to find how much nerve people have to want step on another fisherman’s time out on the water.

Beautiful river though.


June 9, 2011 – Elk Creek

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>This morning started off a bit cool and cloudy which was nice.  I figured on a day like today the browns would enjoy having a woolly bugger in front of their faces…  I headed to a spot on Elk Creek I’ve never fished before – 10th Ave (just off of Hwy 12).  I’m sure people have had success there, but I did not.   Few real nice holes, and only one rise.  The past couple days I’ve been to Elk the water level seemed below average.  Aside from the few good looking holes, everything else was shallow and sandy, with small pockets of structure.  Maybe someone needs to show me something I don’t know about catching those fish hiding underneath several logs that prevent you from casting past them… If I did get to a manageable position, I had spooked them…  A spinning rod would’ve actually been a good thing to have, I reckon.

Decided to go further upstream to where Hwy 12 crosses the creek.  For some reason I went right into the water, rather than walking on land underneath the train bridge.  I believe a while ago I had made the choice to walk about 50 yards before making a cast for one reason or another.  Well, I took this picture from the creek imagining what would happen if that molten sulfur started leaking into the creek.

I kept walking and started to remember why I normally walk 50 or so yards before putting in.  I took a couple more steps, put one foot on a rock and went completely under.
Well…there went my fishing day.  Pretty irate I decided it wasn’t my day.

Now this looks like a good trout recipe!

Speaking of recipes.  I came across Trout Caviar


This Season So Far…

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Since this is brand new, I’d like to put up what has happened so far.
It has been good fishing so far, and should continue to be good as far as I can tell.  I got to fish just a little in March.  I don’t remember much, except a TU convention the last weekend in March.  Good fishing was done – went out to Esofia to the Bad Axe.  Wow, new discovery of an area I have been meaning to check out of a while, the Driftless Area.  One 14″, a couple 12″s and a few more 10″ Brown Trout.  Saturday late afternoon Duke Welter and I snuck out to the West Fork of the Kickapoo.  With snow still on the ground and temperatures in the low 30s, fishing was tough, but the scenery wasn’t.  The water was a glacial blue.  (Picture is from JS Online)

After that, the music thing picked up and I went to LA, New York City, back to LA (to finish the new A.A. Bondy record), then on tour with S. Carey.  While on tour Zach the drummer, Sean and I had a day off that we spent in Cle Elum, WA.  We brought our fishing gear in the van so we could fish the Yakima River.  Unfortunate timing of snow melt meant that the river was a bit high.  A gorgeous river – clear with real nice underwater scenery.  I had enough confidence that I could catch at least one fish despite the river rushing, but we got busted.

My brother and I went to Duncan Creek, just south of highway 64, on Friday, June 3rd and had a heck of a day.  A good strong wind meant that there were all kinds of things floating in the air and we could get just a tad closer to the fish.  Caddis and the AZ Peacock Lady (my secret weapon) were catching fish consistently.  A good day of about 30 fish between us that ended at the Albertville Tavern for some fish, fries, and Leinenkugels.


Up and Running

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Last year.
I figured I’d start out by summarizing last years fishing.
Arizona.  In a canyon with my friends Sean, Colin and Stanton Carey.  Lots of nice browns and rainbows followed by good cooking and wine.
Elk, Duncan, Hay, and Cady are among my favorites – fished them the most.  Good day’s on the Rush – though extremely competitive with all those mud ducks hanging around.  Isabelle Creek with Duke Welter.  Very nice waters though not as nice as Pine Creek.  Although busy with music, it was a great year for learning and FINALLY understanding how to really pin down catching trout with nymphs – my preferred method of attack these days.

Sean Carey is a wonderful photographer with a disposable camera.  One of the better stretches of Elk Creek.

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